Imagine your perfect working habitat…

…A place that empowers you to do your very best work; that inspires you to greater insights and bigger ideas; a place where you can express yourself. These are the places that Modern Human creates.

We go deep undercover to really understand your colleagues, your organisation’s culture and its mission. We immerse ourselves in your world so that we can discover new opportunities and identify their unmet needs.

We create workplaces that shape your culture and create a positive, permanent impact for your organisation.

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Our workplace services

Workplace ethnography_

We understand your organisation by going deep undercover; immersing ourselves in your world to generate deep insights into your culture and drive organisational improvement.

Workplace design_

We identify your colleagues’ unmet needs, your organisation’s goals, match them with workplace trends, and create workplaces that create a positive, permanent impact.

Culture shaping_

We help organisations shape a thriving, creative, innovative culture that enables them to learn, grow and lead in a constantly changing world.

Designing the workplace of the future

Workplace + Culture

The world of work is undergoing seismic shifts: the increased velocity of innovation; automation replacing human jobs, shifting trends in attitudes to work and the changing needs of employees. Modern Human helps clients to navigate this landscape by applying our human-centred design approach internally to a client’s own processes, workplace and culture.

Enhancing employee capabilities

The Modern & Human workplace

The layout of most offices is still mired in 19th Century thinking about management and productivity — the Open Plan office harks back to the layout of Victorian factories and offices. It’s about time we rethought the workplace.

A workplace needs to be Modern and Human.

Modern: a place for the work we do now. Whether it is a contact centre or a design studio, the space needs to be designed to facilitate the activities that take place there.

Human: workplaces should inspire the people who work there to be adaptable and creative; empower them to be productive - constantly learning and improving; and enable them to express themselves so that they feel at home and part of the organisation.

These are the spaces that Modern Human designs.

Creating change

Cultivating culture

We help leaders to create a social movement within their organisation: to disrupt and change culturally ingrained patterns of thought and action.

We start with workplace ethnography to deeply understand your organisation. We immerse ourselves in your world to generate deep insights into your culture and identify opportunities for organisational improvement. We couple this with participatory inquiry methods to involve your colleagues in discovering and surfacing cultural patterns, then we use our collaborative, creative ideation techniques to imagine cultural interventions. We reinvent working processes, create new internal services, redefine operating models and going deeper into organisational design. We use cultural experiments and pilots to disrupt behavioural patterns and change working practices iteratively and collaboratively with your colleagues to improve effectiveness.

Modern Human applies human-centred design to shape the culture of your organisation.

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