Service Designer

Modern Human is looking for an experienced Service Designer to join our growing design practice and innovation consultancy. Service Design is at the heart of our work; turning insights from design research into valuable, meaningful and innovative services.

Service Designers work collaboratively with Modern Human’s design researchers, strategists and experience designers, as well as client teams. Working with design researchers to gain a deep understanding of human behaviour, motivations and needs and collaborating closely with clients to translate these into compelling creative concepts that address their strategic business objectives. One of your key skills is taking clients on a journey, using design approaches to give them new perspectives on their business challenges and developing concepts they believe in and advocate for within their organisations.

You should have experience in a range of service design approaches, including co-creation activities with end users of services and clients. You’ll be confident facilitating teams of designers, and non-designers in ideation and concept development and be comfortable working closely with design teams to bring concepts to life in the form of prototypes and service pilots.

In addition to service design, you’ll need knowledge of the principles of cognitive psychology, proposition design and interaction design and be able to plan, design and communicate new cross-channel products, services and experiences.

Qualified candidates will have at least 4-5 years professional experience and be comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams.

As a Service Designer at Modern Human, you will need…

A keen understanding of user behaviour as it relates to design. Our human-centred design methodology puts service designers together with visual designers, product designers and design researchers, ethnographers, anthropologists and psychologists. We're looking for someone who can demonstrate and discuss their knowledge about the influence of design on user behaviour along with these other experts.

Design research skills. You’ll be able to support discovery research led by our design researchers, and run concept testing of prototypes.

The ability to provide deep understanding through your deliverables. You can develop design tools that help the project team tackle the challenge in front of them. At the research stage this includes tools like audience archetypes and models, experience maps and service blueprints. As you develop concepts, you will be able to document these in a way that describes how a service or proposition would be experienced and delivered. This includes tools like user journeys, experience maps, service blueprints and service specifications.

A compelling storyteller. You will need to be convincing and persuasive in front of our clients; at home presenting to the project teams (internal & external) and selling the benefits of human-centred design.

The ability to connect insights to design. Our Service Designers play a pivotal role in translating insights into opportunity areas, and are enthusiastic about working with cross disciplinary teams and end users to design, develop and iterate ideas.

Familiarity with prototyping software. You'll be familiar with prototyping tools that enable us to put prototypes in front of users and clients.

Strong interpersonal and client management skills. You should be able to communicate in a compelling way about your work, explain the thinking behind it and relate it to the client's objectives. You'll be realistic and have the skills to balance great design with healthy pragmatism.

A love of collaboration and learning. We're looking for someone self-motivated with excellent communication, an open mind, the ability to thrive in multidisciplinary teams and enthusiastically jump in to solve problems using a creative approach.

While working at Modern Human you will…

Work with a brave, disruptive and fiercely independent design practice in a creative-led environment.

Work in multi-disciplinary teams made up of designers, researchers and strategists.

Work on interesting and diverse projects, for example the dashboards of driverless cars, the future of workplaces or how online shopping should work end-to-end.

Restrictions permitting, work nationally and internationally. Our client list means you will get the opportunity to travel.

Attend and present at conferences, write point of view articles & presentations.

Assist in the writing of proposals for business development.

Develop and contribute to the creation of new, human-centred design tools, methods, models and approaches.

Work in an open, supportive and diverse environment that allows you to bring your whole self to work.

Be paid a salary between £45,000 and £65,000 per year.

Also be rewarded with health insurance, life insurance, unlimited vacation and flexible working arrangements.

How to apply and what to expect

Step 1: Send your CV to

Step 2: We’ll review your CV. If your CV is what we’re looking for, we’ll invite you to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: We’ll arrange a telephone call with one of our Practice Leads.

Step 4: If the Practice Lead thinks you could be a good fit, we’ll invite you to take part in an interview with the wider team. During that interview you’ll be asked to tell us about a project you’ve worked on and complete a very small design exercise to show us how you’d approach a particular problem.

Step 5: If the team agrees, we’ll make you an offer.

Throughout every stage, if you’re not successful we’ll try to let you know as soon as possible and give constructive feedback to explain why you weren’t successful.