Design Researcher

Modern Human is looking for an experienced Design Researcher with qualitative research experience to join our team.

Design Researchers play a key role in our process. They work collaboratively on projects, leading clients and teams through discovery research to develop and communicate insights and opportunities in an inspirational way, to create innovative new products, services and spaces.

You should have a passion for developing insights to inform design, innovation and strategy. You should be passionate about storytelling, bringing often complex insights to life in a compelling and concise way.

You should also have experience using digital research methods to uncover needs. For example, conducting online ethnography, diary studies , implementing remote user studies, using sensors or digital tracking tools, moderating/monitoring online communities or conducting studies using social media.

Qualified candidates will have 3-4 years professional experience (including at least 2 years experience of setting up and moderating fieldwork) and be comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams.

In a Design Research role at Modern Human you would need…

Empathy and passion for people. We look for those who have a natural skill to engage with people at a deep level. Whether observing or interviewing research participants, or working with fellow team members and clients, a design researcher should be passionate about representing the human perspective in design and should have skills in bringing this passion to life for the team.

Fieldwork and user research skills. Be prepared to plan and lead ethnographic design research in order to discover insights first hand. We are looking for people experienced in human-centred, qualitative research methodologies, who can design and execute fieldwork in response to various client challenges.

Live experimenting experience. Design researchers must be comfortable with playing a key role in development of prototypes by testing concepts, gathering data and feedback through real-time experimentation, and iterating insights as a result.

Creative and analytical skills. You should feel confident about leading teams and often clients through research analysis and synthesis; i.e. helping to distil observations into insights and linking them together in frameworks or principles that inspire design.

The ability to connect insights to design. Design researchers must be able to translate insights into opportunity areas, and be enthusiastic about working with cross disciplinary teams and end users to design, develop and iterate ideas.

Compelling storytelling skills. A critical element of this role is to deliver insights about people in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement from the client and the design team. The ability to tell a story, whether as a presentation or in written form is essential.

Qualitative experience but be open to quantitative research. While our research approach is mainly qualitative, we occasionally integrate quantitative approaches in our process. We are interested in people who are very experimental and open in their approach to conducting research.

Experience working in a variety of industries. Within the domain of Design Research we are looking for people who have worked in areas such as service design, industrial design, interaction design, and environmental design.

Experience working in a variety of industries. Within the domain of Design Research we are looking for people who have worked in areas such as service design, industrial design, interaction design, and environmental design.

While working at Modern Human you will…

Work with a brave, disruptive and fiercely independent design practice in a creative-led environment. Work in multi-disciplinary teams made up of designers, researchers and strategists.

Work on interesting and diverse projects, for example the dashboards of driverless cars, future library services or the interfaces for connected home appliances.

Attend and present at conferences, write point of view articles & presentations.

Assist in the writing of proposals for business development.

Develop and contribute to the creation of new, human-centred design tools, methods, models and approaches.

Covid restrictions permitting, work nationally and internationally. Our client list means you will get the opportunity to travel.

Work in an open, supportive and diverse environment that allows you to bring your whole self to work.

Be paid a salary between £40,000 and £55,000 per year.

Be rewarded with health insurance, life insurance, unlimited vacation and flexible working arrangements.

How to apply and what to expect

Step 1: Send your CV to

Step 2: We’ll review your CV. If your CV is what we’re looking for, we’ll invite you to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: We’ll arrange a telephone call with one of our Practice Leads.

Step 4: If the Practice Lead thinks you could be a good fit, we’ll invite you to take part in an interview with the wider team. During that interview you’ll be asked to tell us about a project you’ve worked on and complete a very small design exercise to show us how you’d approach a particular problem.

Step 5: If the team agrees, we’ll make you an offer.

Throughout every stage, if you’re not successful we’ll try to let you know as soon as possible and give constructive feedback to explain why you weren’t successful.