Imagine what’s next…

…The products and services that your future customers will need; the experiences that will differentiate you from your competitors. Modern Human works with you to imagine those products, services and experiences. Then, we turn them into a reality together.

We go deep undercover to really understand your future customers. We immerse ourselves in their world so that we can discover new opportunities and identify unmet needs.

We invent products and services that create measurable and lasting impact for your organisation.

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Our design services

Product strategy & design_

We imagine a vision of your future products. We identify unmet customer needs and behavioural trends, and invent products that differentiate your organisation.

Service design_

We create services that build the right relationship with your customers. We apply design to balance their needs with your business objectives and deliver change faster.

Design research_

We inspire your search for innovation by going deep undercover; immersing ourselves in your customer’s world to generate deep insights into their behaviour, motivations and latent needs.

The modern human method

Our methodology exploits 4 modes of design thinking: Immerse, Inspire, Imagine and Invent.

Modern Human method diagram
Modern Human method diagram

Our methodology is non-linear, to reflect the true nature of the creative process. We switch between modes as we explore context, identify opportunities, generate ideas, experiment with concepts, and then invent solutions that work.

We tailor our methodology for every project to suit the needs of our clients: from designing future concepts and running innovation labs, to completing service design and product design projects, and inspiring innovation through rigorous, ethnographic design research.


Actively looking for problems that need solving, and seeking out opportunities for change. We observe real behaviour through ethnographic design research using techniques like diary studies and shadowing.


Turning observations into insights; building meaning from the needs, goals, behaviour and values that we have witnessed. Some people may believe inspiration arrives as a flash but in practice it’s a process of finding meaning.


Imagining potential scenarios and solutions. We generate, develop, and test lots of ideas, examining them from every angle to find the very best solutions.


Turning ideas into concrete solutions; crafting real products, services or experiences that make a meaningful difference to real people.

Our Work