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…Having the foresight to anticipate the disruptive shifts in your industry; the strategic insight to drive your product portfolio forward; the skills to design radical new products and services; and an organisational culture that drives innovation. Modern Human Academy works with you to create those conditions within your company.

We provide courses that help designers get better at their craft, taught by our hands-on, award-winning design practitioners. We support senior managers with coaching and mentoring programmes. We create inspirational experiences for your team from assisted projects to internal conferences, customer safaris and creative pilgrimages.

We equip and empower your team to shape the design culture within your organisation.

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The Modern Human academy

Capability building_

We help designers become better at their craft and help senior managers to become adaptive, collaborative and creatively-driven leaders through training courses that encourage people to grow personally and professionally.

Culture shaping_

We help organisations shape a creative, innovative culture that enables them to learn, grow and lead in a constantly changing world.

Inspirational experiences_

We create a range of inspirational experiences to inspire your team and inject strategic insight from beyond your organisation.

Shaping a culture of design

Vision + Management + Capability

A successful design function isn’t simply about hiring a group of wildly talented design specialists into an organisation. Without the right organisational culture you would be setting them up to fail. To build an effective and successful design function an organisation needs to focus on three fundamental components: vision, management and capability.

vision management capability model

Many organisations focus entirely on developing capability. They train people in design techniques and methods then wonder why they only see small improvements. The truth is that developing capability can can only take you so far.

As an organisation develops design capability, it needs to be able to apply that capability to the right type of design challenges, in the right way with measurable success. An organisation needs to monitor the outcomes of design and adjust its practices accordingly. This is the role of vision and design management.

Modern Human works with you to audit your current design culture, identify opportunity areas, and start shaping your organisation’s future.

Developing a culture of design

Capability: A model for individual skills

Broadly, the skills of a member of a design team can be modelled along 3 axes: (design) strategy, (design) research and practical design skills.

Each of these axes includes a number of discrete skills that a member of the team might reasonably be expected to be able to demonstrate. For example the design strategy axis includes skills like framing a brief, value proposition definition, business modelling, cost modelling and others. The design research axis includes practical skills such as shadowing, diary studies as well as design research planning activities, method selection, analysis and presenting findings. The design axis includes practical skills such as interaction design, information architecture, service design and business process design.

Members of a team are expected to show skills along all 3 axes, although they may be more specialist and expert in one.