Imagine what’s next…

We help our clients imagine new products, services and experiences, and then we turn them into reality.

We go deep undercover to really understand your future customers. We immerse ourselves in their world so that we can discover opportunities and identify unmet needs.

We establish a culture of innovation. We help organisations build effective teams, and show them how to embed creative practices, processes and habits.

Human-centred, design-led innovation.

Our methodology exploits 4 modes of design thinking: Immerse, Inspire, Imagine and Invent. Each mode has clear objectives and a set of methods associated with it.

Our method is non-linear, to reflect the true nature of the creative process. We switch between modes as we explore context, identify opportunities, generate ideas, experiment with concepts, and then invent solutions that work.

We tailor our methodology to provide a suite of customised services for our clients: from designing future concepts and running innovation labs, to completing service design and product design projects, and inspiring innovation through rigorous, ethnographic design research.

Future Concepts

We imagine a vision of your future products and services. We identify unmet customer needs and behavioural trends, and invent new experiences that differentiate your organisation.

Innovation Labs

We create a structure within your organisation and work closely with you to create radical, disruptive innovation. We work within your organisation to establish the right culture, to build teams, to embed creative practices, processes and habits.

Service Design

We design smart, responsive, multichannel service experiences that are enabled by modern technology.

Product Design

We invent compelling products that will become indispensable to your users, on both a functional and emotional level.

Design Research

We inspire your search for innovation by going deep undercover; immersing ourselves in your customer’s world to generate deep insights into their behaviour, motivations and latent needs.

Innovation Training

We bring clients into our studio, set them real design challenges based on their own business, and then help them to unleash our full arsenal of human-centred design and design thinking capabilities. They leave better equipped than they arrived.