CASE STUDY: CARNABY Imagine the perfectly integrated shopping experience Experience design for a leading department store

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Modern Human is a leading design practice and innovation consultancy that imagines new products, services, & experiences that improve modern life. We're always looking for interesting new projects so let’s talk about yours…

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Imagine what's next…
We help our clients to imagine new products, services and experiences. Then, we turn them into a reality.


Reimagine how you work…
We help our clients to shape their own design culture. From building initial capability through training to shaping a permanent and self-sustaining culture of design.


Imagine the perfect workplace…
We help our clients to create inspiring working habitats by translating their colleagues' latent needs into effective and inspiring office design.

Our clients include...

Tesco Bank



John Lewis




United Nations

Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Oxford University

Cambridge University

UK Parliament

World Conservation Monitoring Centre

IUCN Red List



CASE STUDY: PROJEKT LINSE & PROJEKT QUELLER Imagine kitchen appliances that make you a better cook Product design for a leading home appliance manufacturer
Shelly Cawood
Shelly Cawood

The move towards flexible, human-centred workplaces

Posted on 27 April 2018

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Speaking: Aarhus 2017

Ambient intelligence: designing intelligent environments for everyday life

08 November 2017

CASE STUDY: BNF Imagine comprehensive drug information in the palm of a doctor’s hand Concept and product design for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Nina Belk
Nina Belk

Releasing the insights you’re unwittingly caging and realising the opportunity to innovate (part…

Posted on 01 March 2018

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CASE STUDY: PANGOLIN Imagine empowering the conservation of endangered species Digital product design of the IUCN Red List